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Tentative Schedule

All times indicated are in Eastern Time (ET). Event links will be emailed in advance. 

Week 1

Date Time (ET) Event  What's Due
May 23 12:00-12:45p Welcome and ACRES Orientation  
  1:00-2:00p Pre-evaluation
Functioning Effectively in a Research Team
  2:30-3:15p Breakout Discussion with Mentors  
  3:30-5:00p Project Descriptions   
May 24   Project Work  
May 25 12:00-2:00p Introduction to Linux Blog Update #1
    Project Work  
May 26   Project Work  
May 27 12:00-2:00p Intro to Python (Optional but recommended)  
    Project Work  


Week 2

Date Time (ET) Event What's Due
May 30 Holiday Memorial Day - Labs Closed  
May 31   Project Work  
June 1 12:00-1:00p Seminar: Literature Reviews & Learning About Your Field  Mentor-Mentee Contract
  1:00-2:00p Lunch & Round Table Student Check-In Blog Update #2
  6:00p (Optional) GRE Prep Session 1:
June 2 1:00p (Optional) Professional Digital Identity: LinkedIn and Resumes
    Project Work  
June 3 12:00-2:00p Intro to HPCC  


Week 3

Date Time (ET) Event What's Due
June 6 12:00-2:00p Software Sustainability Best Practices   
June 7 1:00p (Optional) Responsible Conduct of Research:
  2:00p (Optional) Abstract Writing:
  3:15p-4:15p (Optional) Creating Powerful Posters and PowerPoint Presentation:
  4:30p-5:30p (Optional) Applying to Graduate School:
    Project Work  
June 8 12:00-1:15p Seminar: Framing Your Project & Writing an Abstract  

Faculty Talk #1 - Computational Genomics
[Speaker Bio] [Abstract]

Speaker: Stephanie Hickey

Blog Update #3
June 9   Project Work  
June 10 12:00-2:00p Intro to Parallel Computing   


Week 4

Date Time (ET) Event What's Due
June 13 12:00-1:00p Networking Lunch with Graduate Students/Panel Discussion   
  6:00p (Optional) GRE Prep Session 2:
June 14   Project Work   
June 15 12:00-1:00p Seminar: How to Give a Research Talk Draft Abstract

Faculty Talk #2 - Microbial Bioinformatics

Speaker: Laura Harris 

Blog Update #4
June 16   Project Work  
  3:00p (Optional) Graduate Student Mixer:
June 17 12:00-2:00p Data Visualization  


Week 5

Date Time (ET)  Event

What's Due

June 20   Project Work  
  1:00-2:00p (Optional) HPC Open Office Hour  
June 21 2:15p-3:15p (Optional) Personal Statement Writing:
  3:30p-4:30p (Optional) Mental Wellness Workshop:
June 22 12:00-1:15p Seminar: Research Integrity Blog Update #5
June 23   Project Work  
June 24 12:00-2:00p Student Project Updates - 5 minutes  PPTX Presentation


Week 6

Date Time (ET) Event What's Due
June 26 3:30p (Optional) GRE Practice Exam:
June 27 12:00-1:00p

Faculty Talk #3 - Quantitative Ecology

Speaker: Elise Zipkin

  1:00-2:00p (Optional) HPC Open Office Hour  
June 28   Project Work  
June 29 12:00-1:00p Seminar: Applying to Graduate Programs & Fellowships Final Abstract,
Mid-SURE Online Registration, Blog Update #6
June 30   Project Work  
  6:00p (Optional) GRE Prep Session 3:


Week 7

Date Time (ET) Event What's Due
July 4   July 4th Holiday  
July 5   Project Work  
July 6 12:00-1:00p Seminar: Career Options for Graduate Degree Recipients   
July 7   Project Work  
July 8 3:00-4:30p (Optional) Virtual Game Night:


Week 8

Date Time (ET) Event What's Due
July 11   Project Work  
  1:00-2:00p (Optional) HPC Open Office Hour  
July 13 12:00-1:30p Seminar: Making Posters Blog Update #7
July 15 12:00-2:00p Student Project Updates - 10 minutes  PPTX Presentation


Week 9

Date Time (ET) Event What's Due
July 18   Project Work  
  1:00-2:00p (Optional) HPC Open Office Hour  
July 20 12:00-1:00p Research Seminar: Academic Resumes Draft Poster PDF
  1:00-2:00p Poster Peer-Review  
July 22 12:00-1:00p

Faculty Talk #4 - Lattice QCD (Computational Particle Physics)

Speaker: Huey-Wen Lin

Blog Update #8


Week 10

Date Time (ET) Event What's Due
July 24     Final Poster PDF and Video
July 25   Project Work  
  1:00-2:00p (Optional) HPC Open Office Hours  
July 27   MID-SURE - Student Poster Presentations  
July 28 12:00-2:00p ACRES Student Presentations PPTX Presentation
July 29 12:00-2:00p Post Evaluations & Individual Meetings
Lab Wrap-up
Blog Update #9
  1:00-5:00p Lab Wrap-up  

Important Dates

  • Application closes Feb 4, 2022
  • REU Dates: May 23-July 29, 2022